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Collector Story Andrew & Joanne Newton

We have been collecting Beswick Animals since 1991 and presently own approximately 300 mostly rare and sought after Beswick Animals.

The collection started from a parental gift of a Beswick Bald Eagle (which we still own today) and I would dare not sell. We mainly collected the birds, wild animals, fish, dogs , some horses and quite a few of the bird wall plaques.

Beswick Zebra Model 845B

Beswick Zebra Model 845B


Here is a Zebra in perfect condition, one of the pieces from our personal collection which we quite enjoy. The Kanagaroo and Kingfisher are terrific pieces and we have a Giraffe which is also in perfect condition and this is a truly stunning piece and is quite rare.

Before the “rug rats” arrived and prior to the internet, we travelled around all the local antique stores buying Beswick Animals. Once we exhausted the local market we then had to travel to Sydney and Adelaide (we live just outside Canberra) to continue the search.

There was quite a bit of Beswick Animals available in the 1990’s and mostly available in Antique stores and Antique Fairs. The online revolution began in the late 1990’s and we purchased online from many overseas websites.

Ebay revolutionised the buying and selling of collectables online in a safe and initially a “community” setting. Now we could buy Beswick Animals from all over the world and this really enhanced our collection.

Beswick Wensleydale Sheep Model 4123

Beswick Wensleydale Sheep Model 4123

As Ebay grew (and how quickly it did) we began to also “deal” in Beswick and bought and sold many Beswick Animals items. Buying Beswick was now global and collectors could link with other collectors almost anywhere in the world.

In the late 1990’s until approximately 2010 Beswick prices were at their peak. It was quite common to hear “there is no Beswick available”. This is because many bricks and mortar sellers had sold their stock to online collectors. The prices now have certainly dropped since 2010.

to be continued…

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